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As a Brooklyn, NY native, the odds have always been stacked against me. I was not born into a family full of riches. Instead, I was born into a family of dedicated hard workers that instilled the values that have made me a successful Forex Trader. My passion for learning new things has served me well as I am constantly working to improve my trading strategies for me and my students. I fell in love with trading shortly after I was introduced to the concept by my former college roommate in the fall of 2017.


After graduating from The University of Tampa with a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Management I decided to dedicate nearly all my time to become the most profitable trader I could be. I have spent 1000+ hours conducting my own research, learning from others, and placing trades. 


By no means has the journey been easy. Everyone's learning curve is different. I was determined to cut mine as much as possible by remaining dedicated to my craft. Like many, I started off by losing money. A LOT of money. This did not derail me once, nor did I let my losses discourage me from my dream. Instead, I found way to recuperate my initial investments and then some. I aim to find financial freedom while living a vacation every single day. 


I have been mentored by Mauricio Ceballos (@Mauricio.c4x) and have gained unparalleled knowledge and trading strategies. Through his teachings, I have been able to develop my own personal strategies to fit my own trading style. Inspired by what he has done for me, I have set out to help those who would like to learn the ins and outs of the Forex Market.

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