Why Your Business Is Not Succeeding With Digital Marketing.

What Every Business Should Be Doing Right Now To Connect With Customers Online!

The above sign is on thousands of small business doors across the country. It's been close to two months since the widespread stay-at-home orders, and it seems that some economies are making baby steps towards reopening. In the midst of all the closures, a wide variety of businesses have seen the side-effects of not taking advantage of #SocialMedia.

In times like this where you can't physically connect with potential customers, the one option that exist is via #Digital outlets. Platforms like Zoom are growing more, and more popular because we all still need to connect in some way. We also see how #Instagram lives are growing day by day, as more people are tuning in to see what others are doing during #Quarantine.

Businesses who haven't dedicated a great percentage of time to building out, and expanding their social media platforms are now faced with a greater task at hand. How are you going to grab the attention of customers who haven't heard of you before? What will your strategy consist of that will creatively, and effectively convey your brand?

Two MAJOR questions any marketing team is facing right now as they try to cultivate an audience that can help them sustain the blow that social distancing / Coronavirus created. If you're a business that didn't put too much stock into digital marketing, then yes you may be at a disadvantage now, but that doesn't mean you have to continue to be.

Right now you should begin to develop content, get your products / online store synched with Instagram, and GROW your social media accounts. Chances are you are apart of a unique niche that has thousands if not millions of people who are in need of your products. Yes, of course there are some products that are not at the forefront of every consumers mind right now, but there are many others that are.

You have to put those at the front of your list in terms of what you should, and should not market heavily. With that being said it's going to take a high level of consistency in terms of building out content that your audience can consistently engage with. You as a business are now COMPETING everyday for attention online. Therefore, you need to be active everyday on your social media accounts.

Become creative, host lives, giveaways, and look for unique collaborations with influencers (who by the way have also seen a decline in business.) Chances are you can receive good exposure at a good price. This is going to be crucial in the days/weeks ahead!

Connect with #Facebook groups that revolve around your business. Look to engage with people on there who are seeking your products/services. Leave no stone unturned!! Your social media growth is dependent on your effort, your creativity, consistency, and how you convey your brand!

Lastly, PLEASE do not hesitate to reach out to us for help! We understand that outsourcing may be the last avenue in many business owners mind, but it may be an option that can save your business. We offer a FREE 30 min call that you can take advantage of anytime! Good Luck on your journey to dominating Digital Marketing!

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