How To Succeed W/ Dropshipping

Tips To Becoming A Dominant "Dropshipper!"

In a world that in many ways thrives off of misinformation on many fronts; one must find authentic insight that can allow them to be successful. Successful in the sense of being able to making a living off of selling products online, but in addition to that being able to gradually scale that to a point where it allows point one to actually happen.

Yeah I know, for many it seems increasingly hard, and something that you'll need a ton of luck, and based on what the so called "gurus' say a shit ton of capital (excuse my french). Although many say those things, in a plethora of ways it's solely to serve their bottomline. Which is a course purchase, or some sort of "Mentorship" opportunity. Keep in mind none of which truly guarantee's your personal success.

Now for those that have never done anything digitally related, or online period many of this will seem extremely foreign. From a-z the road ahead may not always be clear cut. From store design, to product / market research, to marketing, things will seem challenging. Many turn to outsourcing some of the aspects they're not too fond of, or lack core knowledge on. Which to me is completely logical, and IF you can afford to do so, I say do it!

If you're a "I can do anything I set my mind to do" type of person then this blog post will be for you. Please don't be like 99% of people now who are failing at this miserably, and who fail to cut their loses, and move on to something else. Or hire someone to help them since they're most likely heavily invested at that stage.

First off, when you're thinking about starting your journey you need to ask yourself a few qualifying questions.

  1. What market I want to be apart of?

  2. Do I have knowledge on that market / niche, or have I been a consumer myself?

  3. Can I financially scale this business model?

  4. Do I have time to put the work in?

I know all of those sound from the outside pretty basic, and like common sense, but trust me you'll be surprised down the line when you're scratching your head in utter confusion. I always recommend that during that process you should use "Google Market Finder." That will give you information on the markets across the world, and also demographics on the consumer base of that particular market.

Once you've found your niche or market begin to do more research. Use sites like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, etc to gage what products they are putting front, and center. What products are they promoting, and incentivizing you to purchase? Also use sites like "Wish" to look at trendy products. Let me be clear in my opinion any product can be a "Winning Product." If you become familiar with the consumer base, and know how to market a product well, you can, and will be successful!!

In addition, in a world that thrives on Content, your website's User Experience NEEDS to be captivating, compelling, and engaging. If all it took was using a basic template, putting some words together, and throwing products on the site, then 90% of the world will be drop shippers of some sort. I advise you to take time with your site. Make it STAND OUT!

Furthermore, as it pertains to the marketing aspect of the business, this is what will take all of your time once you're up, and running. Putting together campaigns that are compelling enough to sell a product is what you need to master! Forget about finding winning products. Put your time into learning audiences, sets of people, and behaviors that will allow you to take any product, and make money from it! Yeah I know my way of thinking is unconventional based on all the videos, and things you may have read leading up to this point.

Think about what want and cater to that emotion. Consumers will find a way to get what they need, but mainly will need to be persuading in purchasing what they want! I'm going to cut the blog post a bit short because if I were to talk about it all then this would turn into a book, and less of a quick blog post read.

If you want to dive deeper with me then lets hop on a FREE 30 min call. If you're international then we can use WhatsApp to connect. You have 0 excuses to reach out to me. Heres the link let's connect, and dig deeper into your struggles, or questions!

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