Why People Online Say "DropShipping" Is Dead...

You know as well as I do that people are highly critical of the "Dropshipping" Business Model, but why is that?

If you're apart of any dropshipping community out there you all know that you've seen countless of people say "dropshipping is dead, don't waste your money!" And chances are those are people who weren't successful at it, or honestly never even tried to be. I think they are making that assumption because truth be told, majority of people who get into the #Ecommerce world fail at it.

There are so many people out there right now wasting money on ads, and paid promo without even understanding how the #Digital #Marketing landscape works. People who are looking for a 'way out' of the day to day struggle of living paycheck to paycheck.

With there being so many outlets online now where you are able to make money; #Dropshipping is literally just 1 of the many options. Understanding that everything will take time, a lot of eager, and ambitious Dropshippers tend to rush the process. Not understanding that if it were THAT easy then everyone will be well off by now.

The people who talk down on E-Commerce are those who look at things like shipping times, payment processing, the re-distribution of products, as a way to downplay the business model. But the hard facts are that by 2021 2.14 Billion people will be buying their products or services online.

So to those who say E-Commerce or Dropshipping is dead will be dead to me ... LOL! But in all seriousness don't doubt the power of shopping online, the pie is very big, and we all can get a slice of it!

If you find yourself debating on whether or not you should enter the E-Commerce world you should understand the landscape of it all. How to gain #consumer trust, the inner workings of operating an #onlinebusiness, running campaigns on social media platforms, building relationships with suppliers etc.

You will learn along the way so don't feel like you need to have all the answers.

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