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Updated: Feb 24

Why you can ditch paying for mentors, courses, and so much more by taking matters into your own hands!

The past 2-3 years now your cookies have been crawling with information regarding how to become successful with E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, and anything related to "making money online." Whether you've attended seminars, free zoom calls, or even bought courses from "successful" digital entrepreneurs you've found yourself still not finding your success...

Why has it not worked out for you so far in your honest opinion? Is it the various information you learned through channels a, b, and c? Or did you not walk away from anything free or paid that really allowed you to master the art of establishing a form of online revenue?

These are all valid questions that you should ask yourself asap. More often than not either we came up short in giving an endeavor all that we could, and/or we're just not adequately educated on the things we need to know in order to become successful...

Which in this case you shouldn't worry because the internet has TONS of FREE information at our disposal 24/7 - 365. It's up to use to syphon, and filter through it all to get the accurate information we need.

Now let's get to the reason why you clicked on this blog post to begin with.... In the last year or so #Facebook has developed a fairly cohesive "online school" that will give you the knowledge you need to understand how to use their Facebook Advertising Tools. They call this the Facebook Blueprint. They have structured courses, exams, and even official certification at the end after the successful completion of all the courses. So not only are you becoming more informed, but now you can official say that you're certified!

Secondly, Google has a similar structure to their courses as well. You can learn all about the Google Framework (Adsense, Adwords, etc) right from the source. They call this the Google Skill-shop. Once again, you can leave the Google Skill-shop completely certified!!

In addition here at The Ecom Way we offer FREE Insight calls that businesses, and entrepreneurs can utilize at any time to get direct answers, and immediate help with an issue or problem they are facing. Which through that effort we've helped, and connected with hundreds of people around the world elevate their business online.

So if you find yourself lost, and confused I recommend you begin to take the courses that you deem necessary. This will not only equip you with all you need to know moving forward, but help you make less mistakes in the future. The information is literally at your fingertips. Don't sell yourself short or look for an easy way out. Find time, apply yourself, and lastly TAKE ACTION!

You got this! Good luck on your journey

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