Harnessing Your Inner Wealth

Understanding that you are stronger than you think!

Often times we attribute "#wealth" to how many commas we have in the bank, the possessions we own, our lifestyle etc, but we never really attribute wealth to the qualities we internally possess. Qualities like our characteristics, personality, and overall ability to manifest the desires we have through our actions, affirmations, and habits. What many call, and I'd like to agree with is the phrase"inner wealth;"which to me is extremely underrated.

Your "Inner Wealth" are your emotions, thoughts, feelings; your overall alignment with all that you are, and all that the universe has to offer in return to what you project. Understanding that a majority of people are a reflection of habits, and decisions they've made. Whether that be #personally, or #professionally.

You're probably reading all this so far, and trying to understand where I'm about to head with all this, and you're right to question it... Curiosity is a great trait to have, and you should use that same curiosity to question what your life would be like if you took FULL control of it. BOOM!

In all seriousness, all humans are very intuitive beings, and we all naturally have these "instincts," gut feelings, premonitions throughout our time on Earth. Some we decide to follow, other times we decide to ignore. Who's really to say that these things are just some weird occurrence that we all experience, and there really isn't any true validity to it...

Whatever situation you may be in you can conquer it by harnessing your inner wealth. Here are some ways but not limited to on how you can go about harnessing your inner wealth in my opinion:

  1. 1. Meditate

  2. 2. Read Books

  3. 3. Write down your goals thoroughly (Your why, how, when you want it etc)

  4. 4. Make Affirmations (Speak what you want into existence)

  5. 5. Be Nice & Remain Positive (Change your "I hopes" to "I will's")

Just by shifting your mindset, your thought process, and how we speak about things can assist the Universe in making what we want to happen come together. Quick example, you ever randomly think about someone, and then poof few minutes or hours later they text or call you? It's a small example of how our thoughts, emotions, and more of what we project is energy. #Energy that has the power to manifest what we truly desire.

If we continue to say things like "I'm broke, I can't do this or get that" then thats what you're feeding the universe. Instead you can say "I'm going to be able to buy this, and go here by xyz." That simple adjustment is going to allow everything around you (keep in mind simply saying that is not all that you need to do, but it's a step in the right direction) to come together into making that happen. Whether it be getting that job you so long desired, promotion, starting that business etc.

In closing, I challenge you to take a deeper look at how you approach your day to day. Create a nightly mantra, look in the mirror and speak words of encouragement, use that as the fuel you need to go out, and #CONQUER the world! I'm certain that for you the best is yet to come!

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