Building Your Personal Brand On Instagram!

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Ways You Can Develop Your Brand, & Audience To Effectively Convey Your Message.

The secret is out the bag if you haven't heard! You can make money online, and a majority through social media; crazy right *lol*? In all seriousness, the power of these platforms are at a ALL time high! You can honestly make a full living with the talents you have by branding your company and/or yourself effectively on Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms!

This all may seem like a 1,2,3 process, but in actuality many struggle with the "content" component. Content that appeals to their audience, provokes engagement, generates curiosity / buzz, all while sticking to your message.

Whether you're a coach, independent freelancer, small business etc, it's all about producing a steady diet of content! Videos of you working with clients, a day in the life, motivating post for others to be inspired by, just to name a few ideas. This helps you cultivate your #Brand, and sets you apart. Not to mention, it allows your audience to get to know you on a personal level.

You want your audience to walk away looking forward to your journey, your next post, and also in many ways how you can help them in their personal journey. Whether ever industry / niche you are apart of there will always be an audience out there that may need your help!

Here's 4 ways you can begin to build out your branding:

  1. Creative Content (Videos, High-Quality Post, Engaging "Stories" Etc)

  2. Collaboration (Don't be afraid to shoot a DM to other people in your industry)

  3. Documenting Your Day to Day (Use IG Stories Features)

  4. Tagging / Hashtags (Get On Trending Topics In Your Niche & Join the Conversation)

This can be applied to almost anyone who is looking to in someway leverage their social media (#Instagram, #Facebook, Etc) now or sometime in the future. But I will say you should start NOW! Chances are you're missing out a thousands of potential clients, customers, like-minded creatives, influencers, and so so so so so much more!

If you're unsure, or uncertain of what steps or what direction you should go towards then reach out to me personally here. Set up a completely free Business Insight Session, and let's discuss, and strategize an approach for you!

Hope you continue to crush it in your field, and more importantly crush all your goals!

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