3 Things I Do To Remain Inspired & Creative!

Sometimes Creative Blocks, And A Lack of Inspiration Can Be Inevitable.

Let's face it, there will come a time where things are just not flowing very well. Creatively, mentally, and even physically. Personally speaking I've come across many times where the creative element for me was non-existent. Literally no where to be found; I could have put a APB out for it in all honesty!

Even with inspiration there will be a time where you may question the project you're working on, the goals you've set, and whether whatever it is you're doing is even possible. Lacking the motivation, and inspiration that creates that tunnel #vision we all need to see a lot of things we want to accomplish through is the worse.

I like to think of these moments as times where we need to "recharge." Our internal / mental battery has been depleted, and there is no more juice to run on. Which if you've been working on multiple projects, building a business, slammed at your job, and the list goes on, then this is completely normal.

In times like this many people will go out, stay home to relax, grab a drink, step out with friends etc, and to me all of those are exciting things to do; besides being fitting for the state of mind you're in. I mean stepping out, and "catching a vibe' never hurt anyone right?

Now if you're working with deadlines, and things you need to get done ASAP then try these 3 things, and see if they help

  1. Read / Listen to a book (Self-Help, Auto-biography)

  2. Find Creative Social Media Pages (Those in your field)

  3. Meditate / Go outside

I find that these things just help me take my mind off of what I'm currently doing. It allows my mind to focus on something different while still not losing overall focus (if that makes sense). Finding things that in a way recalibrate your thoughts will help you with securing / protecting the creative process.

There may be other things that work for you, and what ever that me be keep it in rotation within your "work schedule." These are some of the things I find to have an impact on my work / life balance.

Keeping this blog post short, hope you enjoyed! Stay inspired, and never doubt your vision!

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