Secrets To Growing Your Instagram!

Tips & Tricks that most people ignore everyday.

In the heightened "Influencer" atmosphere we live in today many people are eager to reach a status (mostly having 10K+followers) that allows them to use exclusive Instagram features. The main feature is being able to allow your audience to simply "Swipe Up" to your website, or any connected link you'll like to share. Which is a great feature in this day, and age as we begin to see a drop off in people actually "clicking the link in your bio."

Now whether you're at 10K already, or are far from it, these simple tips can help you keep an engaged audience, and help you continue to #grow your overall audience with High-Quality #followers. Having a High-Quality audience is a very important element that most people will sacrifice for the sake of reaching their goals in follower count

To start you always want to remember these 3 things:

Whether you're posting on your feed or your story, you want to have a steady diet of content that your followers can grow accustomed to. Understanding that the more you continue to post the more #reach, and #impressions your page is going to attract.

Secondly, look for Engagement Groups that you can join. Engagement groups are super resourceful because you are apart of network of other "real" people on instagram, some being "Influencers" in their own right. Now with being apart of one, you will get more likes, & comments on your post which can lead to being placed on the "Discover" page.

Another subtle, and effective approach is engaging with other content similar to yours. Look at top post from some popular #hashtags that you use frequently, and begin to engage with those post daily. Chances are you will also get engagement in return, and gradually begin to get followers because of it. Now with this, you don't want to just have a caption like "🔥🔥," but instead you want to really take time to write a caption that will make you standout.

Lastly, follow accounts that seem interesting, and are in your ball park of what it is you're about, and into. It doesn't hurt to grow, and connect with others in your industry or particular niche. Don't worry about your following to follower ratio! Your main focus should be connecting with people everyday. After all it is "Social" Media...

Hope this gives you some perspective! And if you're reading this give me a follow on Instagram @RSVPANT; let's connect 💥

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