The Perks To Starting Your Online Store With Shopify!

Why Shopify is rated the #1 E-Commerce Platform & How It Can Help You!

For many looking to start an online business, or for those looking to add an "E-Commerce' component to their existing business the options are not limited in scope. Some of the current platforms are:

  • Squarespace

  • WooCommerce

  • Wix

  • Shopify

Now while all of these options offer similar features, and for the most part can be integrated with your business in unique ways; the question is what in my opinion is the best platform for practically any business. Let's examine #Squarespace briefly, and see what are their core features.

From the information I gathered it seems that just like many other platforms they offer features like

  • Booking Features

  • Subscription Options

  • Site Templates

  • Popular Integrations (Tax, Shipping, Commerce Tools Etc.)

For your business this may seem like all you need, but as your business expands you may need to have an infrastructure that can withstand the pace of your growth. With more business there will come an increase in information gathered, traffic, and site changes that will aim to help with the User Experience (UX).

With that being said, my recommendation for any business looking to have a seamless experience in implementing an Online Marketplace will be to start with Shopify! Shopify continues to elevate not only how we are able to cultivate an amazing User Experience for our customers, but the same is for the business owner as well.

One of the main perks of working alongside Shopify will be the online app marketplace that will help you with almost every kind of intrinsic integration your business may require. From shipping, tracking orders, customer service, upsells, and the list goes on.

The fee for the Shopify platform begins at $29, and will have others depending on the size of your business etc. There will be free templates as well in terms of designing your store, but you are not limited to just those. You can buy one from their diverse theme store, and will be surprised by how many there are to choose from. Once you do purchase one, you have the option of customizing it to your business branding.

My key perks for Shopify will have to be these few things:

  1. Theme Availability

  2. App Store

  3. 3rd Party Integrations (Printful, Oberlo, Etc)

  4. Affordability (2 Week FREE trial as well)

  5. Seamless Integration

Those are some of the main reasons why I think you should begin your journey with Shopify. At the end of the day you don't want to have a platform that will make it difficult for you to access, and run your business. In addition, not have the ability to make any immediate upgrades to your business through apps, and other various integrations that may be needed.

As a a proud Shopify Partner we can help you get started with your journey. Assisting you in developing your store, and ultimately launching it as well. Understanding that User Experience can make and/or break a store, let's discuss how we can help you create the vision you have.

Hope you can think about this some more if you are thinking about joining the E-Commerce world. Do your research, and look at what other options may exist that can be potentially better for you.

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