What Small Businesses Should Do Now During Covid-19!

Actions You As A Small Business Should Take To Save & Sustain Your Business.

First off, I want to applaud all #SmallBusinesses who are continuing to stay open to the best of their abilities during these unprecedented times. And to all those who had no other option in shutting their doors let me remind you that the best is yet to come! We are in the midst of a Pandemic that will transform the way we conduct business, think about hygiene, interact with people, and so much more.

There are still so many unanswered questions with respect to how we are going continue to remain in business during, and after this Global #Pandemic. What will the health of small businesses be within the next few months or so?

My goal with this #blog post isn't to provide you with a guaranteed way in sustaining your business, but more so to give you options on how you can use this time to focus your attention to operating 100% online.

Right now, the only way to interact, and #connect with customers, and potential customers will be through #online outlets / platforms! That be through social media, #email campaigns, paid #ads, live streams etc... This is what will allow you to remain in the mind of your consumers, and will allow you to engage with the customer base you currently have.

With that being said you, and your team need to adjust your marketing efforts, and all efforts for that matter into developing KEY online structures (i.e Social Media Accounts, Online Store / Website, Online Payment Processing, Invoicing, Mobile App (If any), CRM, Emails Etc.)

Begin to develop an "Online Retail Strategy" for your goods, and/or #services. What that will do is help you as a business put everything into perspective in terms of how you are going to do the following:

  1. Market Your Products Online

  2. Sell Your Goods / Services

  3. Create A Secondary or Enhance Your Online Revenue

  4. Connect With Consumers Actively In Search Of or Need Your Products

  5. Build An Online Coalition of Support For Your Brand

I personally can't stress it enough that this in the next upcoming weeks/months will be EXTREMELY important! As the majority of the U.S begins to go remotely in so many key areas, we all as businesses small, and large need to actively to the same. Begin to assess what departments, or areas within your business cant fully function at this time, and direct that man power to understanding what you can do online.

This by any means is not easy with the conditions that we are faced with... However, I believe in the creativity, collaboration, and nuanced approaches that many of us possess during events like the one we are facing.

I will be writing more blogs in the days ahead to break down more ways we can grow, and get stronger as small businesses. Also if you are an owner who wants to collaborate or brainstorm with myself please don't hesitate to reach out to me with your questions.

Here is a direct link to set up a FREE 30 min call with me! I wish you, your staff, family, and friends the best moving forward.

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