Understanding Your Target Audience

Tips To Assisting You With Identifying / Marketing To Your Ideal Customer!

When you begin to develop your marketing plan / strategy a huge portion of that will be tailored around your ideal "customer."Key questions will be some of the following: e

  1. Who is your target customer?

  2. What are their interests?

  3. Specific Demographics

  4. The Need / Value Proposition?

  5. Potential Content That Will Be Engaging?

With those questions answered you can begin to tailor an approach that will potentially connect with your customer base. Sometimes you may not understand your ideal customer. You may be a new product in the industry, and although you may know who "needs" your product will they ultimately find value in it.

Conveying the intrinsic value early on is huge in your overall strategy. 8/10 times when you are conveying those values your customer may identify themselves as a potential user or buyer of that product, and/or service. Thus, helping you in the process of targeting them further with your marketing efforts.

Prior to that however, in the beginning phases you want to leave the door open for any possibility. Look at your competitive advantage, and how your #competitors are marketing to their "customers." Majority of the time you need to be marketing to that set of people as well. However, the changing variable will be how you go about marketing to that group of people.

Furthermore, a huge part of market research will be surveys, and focus groups. Theres nothing better than talking directly to the people. Receiving first hand information, and knowledge on what they would like in a product, and/or service. How will they interact with what you offer? What are they looking for specifically in your product that some of your competitors do not currently offer?

All great information that can help tailor your product some more if you are at pre-launch phase. Not to mention, information that will assist in understanding what uniques ways that may exist in marketing your product.

I like to continually brainstorm on strategic methods, and campaigns that will draw attention to the underlining message behind a product. Certain things like the mission, the overall value, inspiring testimonials etc. This will help in building the "brand." Which embodies trust, confidence, and creates that "family" feeling when customers are buying into your company.

In any business you're apart of the two core attributes you want to always pay close attention to is "trust," and "transparency." A lack of either of those will, and can break the successfulness of your company as a whole. Moreover, will only lead to implementing more marketing campaigns to bring back the trust within the company.

Take everything here into consideration, and see how, where, and what you need to work on or begin to brainstorm more in depth on. In marketing there will be many moving parts; some may require more time, and attention than others, but will still play a role in accomplishing your underlying mission.

For more help on brainstorming a tailored marketing approach for your business, be sure to reach out to us with a free insight call here!

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