The Power of Branding!

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

How Branding Can Set Yourself Apart & Increase Revenue.

I think we all can agree that a majority of companies start with an idea, or what some may call a "wow" moment. The moments where we seem to be in tune with our entrepreneurial calling, and are given this intense motivation to bring that idea to life. Many people when starting a business are faced with this same question, which is "what should our logo be?"

Now some may argue that you shouldn't spend too much time debating the logo for long because it takes time away from laying the foundation down for your company. The other key components are as followed:

  1. Business Plan

  2. Executive Summary

  3. Website

  4. Prototype

All of those components are crucial, especially the first two if you're looking for outside funding to help with your startup. The last two are as equally important if not more, because that will help with gaining interest, feedback, and a buzz if your product or service is truly in need. Those will show if you can ultimately provide value to consumers; or better yet can you be competitive in the industry you're apart of.

How is this all related to "#Branding" you might be asking? Branding defined is essentially the marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products. Think about that for a second.... What creative element about your business right now has the power to stand out amongst others in your industry. Is it your logo, your product design, color palettes, content etc?

A recent brand that I like, that has taken over a space that some may say is hard to penetrate is "MethodMen." The sleek design, unique ingredients, and affordable price points has placed them in virtually all #Targets, and is gradually taken up more market share. Heres an example of their branding

Method Men

Let's switch gears to #Starbucks for example. An average cup of coffee will run you somewhere between $3-$5... A bit pricey for a single cup of coffee, that you can honestly get way cheaper any where else that serves coffee. But let's take a look at how they go about their branding.

At first when you walk into a Starbucks you're hit with the many aromas of the coffee, and a family setting by hearing every customers name called when their order is ready. People underestimate that key component, getting your name announced is a personal element of what makes Starbucks so successful.

I say all that to say that sometimes it's the little things in your approach, design, and "branding" that will make your company successful. In Starbucks case even if you're selling what a majority of people know they can get way cheaper if they really wanted to, you can still be able to carve out your own lane.

Think about your business right now. Ask yourself, and/or your team a few questions:

  1. Where can we take it up a notch in our approach?

  2. Can we redesign a more appealing logo?

  3. Are we creating High-Quality Content?

  4. Is our brand colors working well with our image?

  5. Where can we elevate our User Experience (UX) or Customer Service?

These are all valid questions that can lead to developing a more refined, and modern branding approach. Which will allow you to elevate your company, increase your revenue by gradually raising prices, and create a brand that people can feel apart of, and not just another "customer."

If you're looking to brainstorm more ways you can elevate your brand then schedule a call with us here. Let's begin a partnership that will help you reach your business goals! Share this post with others if you've found it insightful :)

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