Why Taking Action Creates Success

Everyday is another opportunity to reach your goals!

Welcome to The "Ecom" Way's Blog! In staying true to our overall goal, we want to use this blog as another outlet to inspire, motivate, and of course shed light on information we deem to be resourceful. We understand how in the world of Entrepreneurship, and Business in general there will be moments of uncertainty, and doubt. It's those moments that will test our vision, resiliency, and overall determination to follow through with our goals. Cultivating this blog with an effort to pick you up on days you feel like you're "falling off," motivate you to continue to pursue that dream, and lastly provide information to help you have a smooth road ahead! So welcome, and we're happy to have you take part! Cheers :)

Quote of The Day

“The walls of your comfort zone are lovingly decorated with your lifelong collection of favorite excuses.”

What's Stopping You?

Everyday we may wake up to a normal routine of either doing the things we enjoy, or in most cases the things we truly hate. Our #job, the office life, the lack of #creativity, and #passion we so truly desire. Sometimes we're ready to quit, and find another way to maintain our lives (because of course we all have to survive), but then "reality" kicks in, and we get up, and proceed with the scheduled programming.

But what if I told you that can all change? Would you believe me? Or would you brush me off as some lunatic looking to sell you a #dream, and not really try to help you get where you want to be? Maybe none of those fit, but maybe you are desperately looking to somehow make a change; you just haven't found the outlet, the motivation, or more importantly the right #mindset to make it all come together.

That right there is the biggest setback of them all! Having the right mindset that will continually feed your desires, your thoughts, and your emotions. A mindset that has one destination, one overall goal, one unified desire, and that is to make your dreams a reality. Too often we put our dreams on the back-burner because of in my eyes lame excuses we tell ourselves. "I can't afford to invest in a camera right now to start my youtube channel," "I don't have time after work," "I don't know much about starting a business, therefore this talent or passion I have will be hard to monetize" - All of those are duly justifiable excuses when you don't have the right mindset.

We all are a living result of a combination of decisions we have made. One person decided to go to college then as a result they may have a better job then someone who didn't, you decided to save 10% of your income every time you were paid, consequently you have a fall back if you were to lose your job as oppose to someone who didn't... Point being it's all of our decisions, and ultimately our #habits that have created the environment we are apart of now.

But in no way should that stop you today in making an effort to make a difference, and a stride towards what we want! Don't attempt to have all the answers before you start; in anything you do for the first time there will be lessons that need to be learned. Hence, you should be able to take a leap of faith in going after what you want. It's ok to work a normal job while also chasing your #dream! Yes that's right, I'll say it again... It's ok to work a normal job while also chasing your dream! Just imagine how a solid 6-months of hardcore focus, and work can shift your life, and how closer you will be to that thing that keeps you up at night. Those thoughts that trickle through your mind all day long while you're sitting at your desk at work. Yeah I know, it's pretty surreal to think about right?

I'll say this in closing, because I don't want to get too "preachy." Although, I do want you to walk away knowing that your vision, your dream, and your passion will NOT happen if you don't TAKE ACTION! Not buying that equipment, the laptop, or working extra to fund your dreams is whats holding you back. Go pick up that book that you know will help you become more educated with perfecting your craft, purchase the course, buy a ticket to that seminar, just take a conservative effort to making PROGRESS!

Through a combination of your "action-taking" just watch how right before your eyes that thing you always wished for, and dreamt of appears! Take action because we are all capable of fulfilling our aspirations, and dreams!

Closing Quote

“A Healthy Desire For Wealth is Not Greed, it's A Desire for Life”

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